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  Amcon epoxy Reinforced Repair Putty - is a fast setting, fiberglass - reinforced polymer compound that enables permanent repairs to anything made of steel or other metals and glass, masonry, and many plastics.

It is Non-rusting and it contains No Solvent or VOC's It's non-flammable and releases no noxious fumes. It wont shrink or pull away.
Surface Preparation

Surface must be clean and free of oils, grease and loose contamination.
For Best Results : Use damp fingers for easier mixing and application.

  1. Cut or twist off required amount.
  2. Mix by kneading with fingers to uniform color. If mixing is difficult, warm the putty to room temperature or slightly above.
  3. Apply to surface to be repaired (within two minutes of mixing) Force into cracks or holes and strike off excess material, preferably with tool wet with clean water.
Pot Life
It has a work life of approximately 3 mins.

Curing Schedule
After 5-10 minutes it will harden and form a tenacious bond. Final cure occurs in 60 minutes.

After curing, it can be machined, drilled, tapped, sawed,ground, filed or painted.
Physical Properties
Shelf Life @ 75°F, mths 24
Shore D Hardness (full cure, 1hr.) 80
Lap Sheer Tensile Strength,On Steel 900 psi
Compressive Strength 12,000 psi
Density (gm / cm3, lb / gal) 2.2, 18.5
Shrinkage (%) <1
Non - Volatile Content (%) 100
Electrical Resistance (megaohms) 30,000
Dielectric Strength (volt / mil) 300
Upper Temperature Limit Continuous (°F) 250
Upper Temperature Limit Intermittent (°F) 300
Chemical Resistance Refer to product Data Sheet
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