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AmCon Hi-Temp Lab-Metal
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  Important tips:
Lab-Metal and Hi-Temp Lab-Metal repair putties are not designed for use as adhesives ("glues"). They are used for "cosmetic" repairs -- filling, finishing, sealing, patching, building up, and smoothing metal and non-metal surfaces.

These products harden upon exposure to air, thus the user may need to keep the applicator wet with Lab-solvent in order to aid in smoothing the application (and reduce "pulling").

Lab-Metal's workability may be enhanced by adding Lab-solvent until the desired consistency is achieved. (Lab-Metal may be spread, brushed or sprayed on).

Lab-solvent should always be added to Lab-Metal and Hi-Temp Lab-Metal just prior to closing the container. This prevents the metal repair compounds from hardening during extended storage.

Simply stir the solvent in prior to the next use. Lab-Metal has a guaranteed shelf-life of two years (in factory-sealed cans); Hi-Temp Lab-Metal's shelf-life is one year.

We urge Lab-Metal users to test the suitability of the product for each application.
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