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Now a Metallic Stainless Putty that Fills, Bonds, Protects & Repairs
Cure at Room Temp. From a Machinable Composite
Maintains High Bond Strength at High Temperature
Excellent Chemical, Corrosion and Shock Resistance
AmCon Hi Temp 1000°C is the ideal choice for any High Temperature Application Requiring High Bond Strength and up to 1000°C (2000°F)
  AmCon Hi-Temp 1000°C Putty - is easy to use. Just mix and apply. Hardening Starts in just 60 minutes.

User Friendly! Does not contain flammable solvents. No harsh odors, no out gassing.

Can be machined, tapped or drilled and will not run or sag while applying.
  Applications Include:
Repairing pumps, value, fittings, and equipment, rebuilding worn housings, shafts and tank linings, filling cracks, holes, voids, blowholes.

Surface Preparation

Surface should be free of oil, grease, dirt, corrosive or other contaminants.
Porous materials should soaked in solvent to remove any soluble contaminants.For best results, roughen all smooth, metal surface with abrasives or grit blast them with a coarse media.

Since it is a one - component systems: re – mix thoroughly before applying.

Putties may be applied using a spatula or putty knife. Multiple layers may be required for cross – sections larger than 1/8” to 1/4 to avoid blistering.

The specific cure cycles are specified on the product labels. All instructions are guidelines for curing. Many alternative cure times may be appropriate high volume production applications and should be tested in each specific application.

1) Air dry at room temp. for 2 hours minium, thick cross-section will require 4-16 
2) Heat curing at 65 - 93°C for 2 – 4 hours. Post curing at 204°C is required for
    water insolubility.
3) For multiple layers repeat as required.

Make sure opened containers are tightly re-closed after each use to prevent evaporation. Inverting the containers periodically will help to reduce setting.

Store containers between 4°C and 28°C
Physical Properties
Max. Use Temp 1000°C
Components 1
Pot Life 60 Minutes
Cure @ R.T 24 Hours
Viscosity Paste
Density 180#/ft.³
Compressive Strength 4600 psi
Bond Strength  
at 94°C 600 psi
at 649°C 1400 psi
Thermal Expansion 9 x 10ˉб/°F
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