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  Amcon epoxy Fast Paste is a two – component, non - solvent and non – hazmat epoxy product. It is designed as a quick curing adhesive repair product, and specialize as an emergency repairs product for leaks, cracks and etc on above surface and underwater.

Amcon epoxy Fast Paste is non-corrosive and bonds to a wide range of material such as Metal, Steel, and Fiberglass, Concrete, Wood and etc.

Typical application are corroded and pitted tanks, pump housing and impellers, valves, tubes, pipe, flange faces, roller bearing seats, worn shafts, keyways, etc. It is also excellent for filling gaps.

Surface Preparation
Before applying, the surface must be clean. If possible Sandblasting, and if sandblasting is not possible than through grinding need to be done to clean the surface. After sandblasting / grinding use cleaner to degrease the surface.

Mixing Ratio:
1 part Base: 1 part Cure – Mix until even color is obtained.
Note: AmCon Fast Paste has a slight sulfur odor.
Part A (base) is black and part B (curing agent) is white. The mixed epoxy is gray in color

It can be applied using the spatula supplied with kit.

Pot Life
Approx 10 – 15 min at 25 °C, so mix only the amount of epoxy that can be easily applied within that time limit.

Curing Time
Tack Free - 20 min.
Full Cure - 20 – 40 min.

After curing, it can be machined, drilled, etc.

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